Toxic Tort

The Bale Law Firm, PLLC protects the integrity of our client’s products and reputations. Regardless of its size or scope, we address the scientific, technical and medical issues of toxic injury and mass tort cases. We have vast experience in the representation of these cases involving not only hundreds, but thousands, of plaintiffs involved in complex scientific issues ranging from manufacturing defects and product misuse to individual chemical exposure.
Our firm has successfully argued for the implementation of the Bellwether selection processes in mass tort cases in which a trial group, having preclusive effect on the remainder of the plaintiffs in the case, is selected and prepared for trial. This process mitigates the need for additional defense spending to fully develop related evidence.
The firm maintains a vast library of expert witnesses who are consulted on a wide range of maladies allegedly caused by exposure to chemicals, irritants, fibers and dust.

Our firm meticulously evaluates the credibility of the scientific methodology used by plaintiff’s experts. Due to the smart crackdown on “junk science”, trial courts, serving as gatekeepers, are now keeping flawed claims out of trials. Every toxic tort case is developed with this legal background in mind. Depositions are closely examined so that timely, appropriate motions can be filed seeking orders to strike the testimony of so-called expert witnesses with no credible scientific basis for their opinions. Success on these issues can result in the early termination of a case otherwise lacking scientific merit.​