The Bale Law Firm, PLLC focuses its practice on representing businesses and underwriters that have offices locally, nationally and internationally. The firm’s clients, which are leaders in their respective industries, trust The Bale Law Firm, PLLC to represent their interests in litigation professionally, ethically and aggressively. The firm has developed long-term, high quality client relationships by focusing on the fact that a client’s representation and fiscal well-being are at stake in every lawsuit. The firm’s attorneys handle a wide range of cases, utilizing their experience and knowledge in complex litigation involving admiralty and maritime matters, energy-related litigation, toxic tort litigation, mass tort litigation, insurance defense and insurance disputes, products liability and negligence cases, as well as business and commercial disputes. In addition to handling litigated matters, The Bale Law Firm, PLLC is routinely consulted on business matters to advise clients as to practical business advice and as to business solutions that are gauged to avoid litigation.
The Bale Law Firm, PLLC principal office is located in Sugar Land, Texas.
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Firm Philosophy

The Firm has both a wide experience in a variety of legal disciplines and its attorneys are trained to approach client matters with a seemingly unique philosophy as described below.

When litigation is the remedy, The Bale Law Firm, PLLC brings to bear some of the most experienced trial attorneys in the state. Our attorneys have handled and tried, throughout the state, a broad range of claims including catastrophic injury, mass toxic tort, marine and energy claims, corporate, employment, professional errors and omissions, director’s and officer’s claims, business disputes and antitrust cases.  We have been so successful in our efforts that we have been retained by several companies and underwriters to be national coordinating trial counsel throughout the country. The Bale Law Firm, PLLC‘s trial group is guided by the philosophy: to represent the client zealously in the most cost effective manner, without sacrificing quality representation. This approach is unique from that of many other firms because the firm’s lawyers endeavor to be proactive, not reactive.

In their efforts to fulfill the firm’s philosophical charge, the firm’s attorneys attempt to make an early determination of the merits of each case on which the firm is retained in an effort to decide whether a matter should be resolved or tried.  The lawyers of the firm recognize that not every case should be settled; nor should every case be tried.  That is why it is important that an early analysis be engaged to decide on an action plan on each matter entrusted to the firm.  In doing so, some cases can be resolved promptly, with little cost or expense.  Other cases can be prepared aggressively for trial.  By being ready for trial in those cases which cannot be resolved at an early stage, the firm can maximize settlement value if the other side is reasonable.  If the other side will not listen to reason, meticulous preparation will ensure that the matter is ready to go to court.  Some firms believe that client matters exist for the purpose of billing and settlement, sometimes at any cost.  The lawyers of The Bale Law Firm, PLLCperform work that is necessary to determine the relative merits of the case and a reasonable quantum for resolution.  When it is time to take a case to court, a client can rest assured that the firm’s attorneys will be ready to try it.

Meet The Team
  1. Jeffrey R. Bale
  2. Lewis E. Henderson
    Of Counsel
  3. Brandon K. Best
  4. Ross B. Bale
Practice Areas
The handling of each case we oversee is tailored to our client’s needs and objectives. Early decision making, decisive preparation, and developing a rational position contribute as much to the successful outcome of a case as anything else. In deciding individual case strategies, our clients’ input, philosophy of approach, and sense of justice are a few of the most important things we consider in developing an overall case strategy.

Our practice areas are discussed in more detail below:
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